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Directors Wu Jing
Studio Well Go USA Entertainment
Content advisory Foul language, violence, drug use
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Format Prime Video (streaming online video)
Devices Available to watch on supported devices
Starring Wu Jing, Scott Adkins
Genres Action
Subtitles English [CC]
Audio languages 中文

Movie review

this is a Chinese propaganda movie desigend to glorify Chinese Special Forces. It is interesting only in that the movie shows Chinese hardware–not anything state-of-the-art, but certainly stuff that is still in service and commonly used in the PLA. Tactics are ludicrous from a real-world standpoint, but totally understandable from a traditional Chinese propaganda standpoint. Gung-Ho = gong he = work together/fight together. That kind of thing.

It’s a concept well understood by the US Marine Corps, and a phrase that found its way into Marine Corps usage during WW2, with the USMC sergeants who trained what were ostensibly Chinese Nationalist soldiers in India (under the direction of Vinegar Joe Stilwell) to fight the Japanese in Burma. A lot of these Chinese soldiers were in fact Chinese Communist soldiers sent to infiltrate the Chinese army being put together in India. They made great NCOs, made little secret of their Communist leanings, and taught their US Marine instructors the meaning of “gung ho.”

A movie like this makes me wonder what Chinese Special Forces are really like, how they are trained, and what kind of equipemnt they have at their disposal. My gut feeling is that Chinese Special Forces are a lot more capable than probably anyone outside of China knows.

All of which makes this movie little more than a teaser . . .