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Directors Oliver Halmburger
Producers Bernhard von Dadelsen
Studio XiveTV; Xive TV
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Format Prime Video (streaming online video)
Devices Available to watch on supported devices
Genres Documentary
Subtitles English [CC]
Audio languages English

Movie review

This was made by ZDF, a German public television broadcaster (under their commercial studio ZDF Enterprises). It is an interesting story and before watching, I originally thought it was about another German raider with media done on it, the cruiser Emden that was sunk in the Indian Ocean but some of the crew managed to get back to Germany after a long odyssey. The Wolf’s story is truly remarkable and would have been more exciting to watch had it focused more on the actions it was involved in. Like other reviewers have mentioned, it focuses a lot of its runtime on class issues within the German Navy. BTW, the American Navy still works this way as I’m pretty sure all the world’s navies do. The saying “Rank has its privileges.” definitely applies to all armed forces and especially navies (and probably merchant navies as well). Despite this focus on social issues onboard ship, it’s a short run time and worth a view despite an abrupt ending. 4 of 5 stars. Slight spoiler alert… One criticism of the Wolf Captain’s relatives, why didn’t they ever return the personal belongings of the Japanese Captain who killed himself? It’s one thing to show off a sword or pistol from an anonymous soldier taken from the battlefield, but to hold onto a religious belonging to someone who’s name you know and showing it off on TV, that’s pretty apathetic. More so after 100 years in a TV production that’s lecturing us on class struggles acting like they are sensitive to others.