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Directors Alexander Yellen
Supporting actors Bill Duke, Wes Studi, Ernie Hudson
Producers David Rimawi, Paul Bales, David Latt
Studio The Asylum
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Format Prime Video (streaming online video)
Devices Available to watch on supported devices
Starring Dennis Haysbert, Craig Sheffer, Ariana Richards
Genres Horror, Science Fiction
Subtitles English [CC]
Audio languages English

Movie review

A female photographer(patient zero) is bitten by a black wolf. All because she wanted to get close to it, guess she wanted to pet it? She makes her way back home with a tooth empedded in her arm making her sick. While in an airport she turns into a warewolf, attacks other passangers, killing some and infecting others. Airport police with real guns get slaughtered.
Military forces coming from nowhere… knock out gas the infected airport, and have traquilizer guns to take down the wolf people. (Just happen to be there, with the right gear? Hum…?)
The knocked out wolf creatures turn back to naked human form, are captured, and quarentined in a holding facility.
The military gets the idea to use this infection, making a wolf weapon. This once failed major thinks he can reason with the higher ranking military officers as well as the infected wolf creatures. (Another effort to make the military look unorganized, and like power hungry lunatics wanting to use mankind to suit their purposes in war.)
These quarentied wolf creatures manage to escape this containment facility into New York City. Could it be they left the doors open? Wolf creatures make their way to central park. Where this unorganized, ill equiped, mini military force attacks the escaped wolf creatures by running into them on foot. Meanwhile wolf creatures are crossing the brooklyn bridge while military aircaft flying around take their time in blowing up bridges. This major & doctor survives after pulling the tooth from patient zero, cures her only for her to die after the escape from NYC plane crash onto a bridge that they jump off of as the aircraft shoot blowing down the bridge. Military aircraft drop a thermite payload into the city.
After thoughts:
Production company budget was minimal that they didnt use good experienced writers, special effects were minimal, vehicles and gear were not up to true military standards. They did manage to buy jeep cherokes, shiny new guns, a few M16s… but, mostly pistols. When did the military get rid of humvees for jeep cherokes?
Were there no medical facilities where she was bitten?
Airports have medical xray scanners and holographic projectors?
A doctor doesnt care who patient zero was when shes told by patient zero that she started it?
A quarentine holding facility that puts soldiers into the mix of the infected? And… What kind of quarantine allows everything in and out? Not very secure.
Military aircraft drop a thermite payload into the city. That one payload dropped was big enough to do that much damage… but, carpet bombing in the middle east in real life did less?
The wolf creatures have more then enough time to cross the bridge but dont get across?
Wolves cant swim? That they need bridges…
Wolf creatures are aware. They can be asked in human form to attack someone specific… but then not be held accountable for their actions as wolf creatures? Examples: The general gets bitten, turns wolf, goes after the major & doctor causing the plane crash onto bridge. The major takes a wolf virus injection to turn wolf to protect the doctor & the cured patient zero.